Conference Sessions


Guidelines for Presenters


You will be assigned a session chair who will introduce you to the audience.
The session chair will give you the presenter access on MS Teams which will enable you to share your screen and present.
Each presentation lasts for 25 minutes. Twenty minutes are for the presentation and five minutes will be allotted for the question and answer session.
Start and end your presentation on time. A bell will be rung five minutes and then two minutes before your time is up. Please ensure that you end on time since the sessions are scheduled consecutively.
`Questions from the audience will be displayed in the chat box. At the end of your presentation, choose 2-3 relevant questions to answer.
Please join the live session (using the link given for your presentation session) 30 minutes prior to your presentation.


Please inform the conference committee in case you need any technical support for your session.
Presenters based in Oman, if you think that you will face any technical glitches, you may do your presentation from the Middle East College campus. However, you need to inform the conference Organizing Committee beforehand, at least by 26th October, 2020 (Dr Reema Srivastav: 00968 96558957; Dr Amjed Ayyat: 00968 90165799).


Good Luck!