The college assists students in getting placed in companies across Oman. It regularly organizes career fairs and related events. Students are provided with plenty of opportunities to meet with recruiting employers in order to help them explore job options. Additionally, MEC has put in place a system that helps students register their CV on “MEC e-Placement Portal” which is accessed by various employers in the country, to put up job requirements as well as to select prospective employees.

MEC interacts with alumni each year to follow up on their employment status. This helps the college track its graduates’ employability rates. It also helps the college identify unemployed graduates to assist them in finding job opportunities.
Middle East College also provides forums for placement such as the ePlacement portal. Students can upload their resumes enabling employers who are registered with Middle East College to view the data base and recruit employees. In addition to this, employers also can notify the placement cell of graduate vacancies.

As a result of this MEC has been able to design its academic programmes, teaching methodologies and  infrastructure to embody the needs of the industry. Therefore, MEC, proudly states that its students are equipped with workplace preparedness. This has been evident from the feedback industry has provided commending MEC graduates for their skills, strong academic knowledge and a capability to execute work with the least amount of intervention.