Why recruit from Middle East College?

Our college is one of the fastest growing and leading higher education institutions in the Sultanate of Oman. The courses that we offer are aligned to industry requirements. Our students get educated through hands -on experience, workshops conducted by industry professionals, projects and through extra curricula activities.

Middle East College has consistently been working on building strong relationships with a diverse range of employers who are looking for well rounded graduates. As a result, the college has set up an apex advisory forum known as ‘Advisory Forum for Industry Relations of Middle East College (AFIRM)’, which firmly places industry academia interaction on top of its academic agenda. The forum meets twice a year to guide the college’s Industry Relations policies, and programme design.

As a result of this, the college has been able to build its academic programmes, teaching methodologies and  infrastructure to embody the needs of the industry. Therefore, Middle East College proudly states that its students are prepared with the expectations and demands of working in today’s world. Industry has commended Middle East College graduates for their productivity even as entry-level employees and for their sound academic knowledge.   

Middle East College also provides forums for placement such as the ePlacement portal. Students can upload their resumes enabling employers who are registered with Middle East College to view the data base and recruit employees. In addition to this, employers also can notify the placement cell of graduate vacancies.

Support Omanisation:

 87% of MEC students are Omanis who are pursuing their studies in the fields of engineering, management and design. By recruiting our graduates, employers will serve the society in meeting the Omanisation percentage and helping young, talented and industry-ready Omanis achieve their ambitions.

Join Hands with us: 
Career fair 
MEC conducts a Career Fair every year so that prospective employers can participate and meet students who are going to graduate or who have already graduated.
MEC conducts (Technical and soft skills) workshops and seminars throughout the semester to expand the skill-sets of its graduates.

Campus interviews
If any organization is desirous of recruiting our students, the Career Services and Enterprise Engagement (CSEE) cell can assist by scheduling campus interviews.

Student Events
MEC organizes many events and competitions throughout the year, and in many cases professionals from the industry are invited to judge or evaluate the students and give them feedback on their performance. This helps students understand the needs of industry and it is an opportunity for industry to recognize outstanding and talented students.  
Industry advisors for clubs
Towards meeting industry mandates, we have developed, and adopted an advisory system which facilitates advisors from industry to assist the various student clubs in their activities.

Research and Development
MEC encourages its faculty members to proactively engage with Industry and other outside agencies in carrying out collaborative research and development. For this purpose, the management of MEC has allocated internal funding or ‘Seed Money’.