Since MEC focuses on providing hands-on opportunities for the staff/students to apply their knowledge, MEC provides required research infrastructure to support the scholarly activities.


MEC library is one of the largest libraries in Oman with a variety of facilities, resources and services. The library commits to fulfill its obligation to support each and every requirement of students related to their study and overall development of their personality by acquiring a wide range of print and electronic resources, a variety of services, state-of- the-art facilities and infrastructure. The resources include print resources in the form of books, text books, reports, multimedia etc. adding up to a collection of over thirty seven thousand items whereas the electronic resources include a subscription of seven electronic databases consisting of book databases of over a hundred thousand titles of e-Books and millions of records of full text journal articles, theses, reports etc. on a range of subjects.

Library with:

  • 15,854 titles
  • 47,260 copies
  • 33,455 text books
  • 13,805 references

3 Databases Subscription

    • ACM Digital Library
    • Emerald
      • Emerald 175 package
      • Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies
    • ProQuest
      • ProQuest Central 1970 - current
      • ProQuest Ebook Central


MEC has a number of laboratories to meet the needs of academic research. The laboratories are equipped with required software/ hardware to meet the needs of the research in the context of academic research.

No. Lab No of PCs Computer Type
1 General Lab 001 A 320 SunRay
2 Call Lab IBR101 34 Desktop
3 Call Lab IBR111 35 Desktop
4 Archive Lab IBK002 40 Desktop
5 Archive Lab IBK004 40 Desktop
6 AKZ114 40 Desktop
7 Database Lab AKZ117 40 Desktop
8 Software Lab AKZ118 40 Desktop
9 Multimedai AKZ004 40 Desktop
10 Multimedia Studio 5 Desktop
11 Research room AKZ 6 Desktop
12 Software Lab AKZ202 40 Desktop
13 Software Lab AKZ203 40 Desktop
14 Math Lab AKZ205 40 Desktop
15 Network Lab AKZ206 40 Desktop
16 CAM/CAD Lab IBR006 15 Desktop
17 Security Lab AKZ112 40 Desktop
18 Project Lab AKH 001A 14 Desktop
19 Project Lab AKH 001B 14 Desktop
20 Digital Signal Processing lab IBR213 22 Desktop
21 Digital Communication lab IBR212 6 Desktop
  Total computers 911  
Research and Innovation Center has been established to enhance the staff, student research & innovation prospects and provide a collaborative research environment by facilitating interaction among students, staff, professional researchers, external collaboration and funding agencies/sources. Staff and student collaboration, scholarly research publications, patents, consultancy, incubation and entrepreneurial initiatives, external collaborations are some of the important focus areas of the center. The center would provide a forum and meeting place for the staff, students and professionals/practitioners to collaborate and learn from each other resulting in high level of creativity.
The Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Consultancy has been established with the objective of managing and operationalizing the Postgraduate Programmes at MEC. The centre was conceived in 2007 when a new batch of students joined the Masters Programme at MEC. The centre, in addition to having its own faculty dedicated for PG teaching, collaborates with faculty members from different departments at MEC for various academic activities. Currently, middle and senior level managers and IT staff from various ministries and private organisations including Ooreedoo, Omantel, PDO, Halliburton, Bank Muscat, National Bank of Oman, Orix Oman and OAMC are enrolled on the programmes.
The Department offers computing specialized undergraduate programmes, supplemented with research and consultancy activities. The principal strengths of the department lie in its faculty and the facilities available for instructional, research and consultancy purposes. Additionally, the department continually strives to update its present programmes of study in order to equip its graduates for positions in the IT industry located in the region and beyond.
The department addresses the human resource requirements of the emerging and growing specialisation of Electronics and Telecommunications. Supported by well-equipped multidisciplinary laboratories, the department offers high quality learning modules that encompass different areas such as Electronics, Telecommunications, Computers, Controls, Embedded Systems, Integrated circuits, Signal and information processing, Wireless communication and systems, and Software development.
The Department of Mathematics and Applied Sciences (MASC) supports students from all the other academic departments by offering Mathematics, Statistics and Science modules required for their specialization. The Department provides students with basic and advanced mathematical skills that help them attain a better understanding of and expertise in areas like Computing, Telecommunications, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Business Information Systems. The department is keenly pursuing research interests in the area of applied mathematics.
The Department of Management Studies offers a Bachelor’s programme in Information Systems. The overall aim of the programme is to develop intellectual awareness and technical competence in the subject area of Business and Information Systems, with particular emphasis on the fields of supply chain and logistics, accounting and finance and human resources management. The department also collaborates with other academic departments at MEC and offers management modules to their students, to support their programmes. The modules offered by the department impart fundamental and specialized knowledge of business and its environment and functions and equip students with the managerial skills required for employment.
The Centre for Foundation Studies offers the General Foundation Programme that helps students achieve the language proficiency necessary for pursuing undergraduate programmes. It also serves students who are already enrolled in Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma programmes offered by the college. The modules offered facilitate students’ acquisition of the required academic skills to succeed in their chosen disciplines. All programmes are designed to meet practical and specific communicative needs. The center pursues research activities in the area of language studies.
The department addresses the requirement of personnel in the ever demanding and growing specialisations of Civil Engineering. Supported by well-equipped multidisciplinary laboratories, the department offers a high quality learning environment through modules that encompass different areas of built and natural environment. To enhance the learning experience, self-study, research and inquiry-based case studies, and group and individual projects at module as well as exit levels are embedded in the course plan.
Established in Fall 2015, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the most versatile and highly demanded course. The department has well-equipped multidisciplinary laboratories to provide high quality learning environment through modules that encompass different areas of Mechanical Engineering with special emphasis on innovations and sustainability