Founded in 2002, Middle East College (MEC) is a higher education institution in the Sultanate of Oman, located in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat. Middle East College has a prime focus on Research and Consultancy in the Sultanate of Oman. MEC offers advisory and consultancy services in different areas of Computing, Engineering, Business, and Records Management & Archival Studies, with over 350 staff from 24 different nationalities. The college nurtures research and consultancy activities to foster an environment conducive to conduct research. 

The institution is affiliated with Coventry University, UK and Wolverhampton University, UK. It provides scholastic environment with state of the art infrastructure to help students acquire knowledge and make a positive difference to the community, the state and the world. MEC has 350 staff members with over 50 PhDs specialized in various research domains with national and international expertise. In total, DD UG programmes and PP Post Graduate programmes are offered to students.

MEC has an organizational structure consisting of deans, associate deans, Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, followed by number of administrative, research and academic departments having qualified faculty heading with their years of experience and expertise in their respective areas.
MEC ensures the research and innovation culture becomes pervasive, sustainable and inclusive for the overall national development.  Importantly, the Research Center realizes MEC’s strategic aim to engage in learning by research and it contributes towards professional competence, economic growth and development, and the development of socio-cultural values.