The Middle East College (MEC) research agenda aims to support competence and commitment to enquiry and research. In the light of MEC’s vision and strategic development, MEC is continuously focused on research initiatives that contribute to quality enhancement of scholarly research, student innovation and research culture within the context of strategic plan and value statements. 

The objective of the department is to provide scaffolding to  student innovation prospects and provide a collaborative research environment by facilitating interaction among students, staff, professional researchers, external collaboration and funding agencies/sources. MEC believes it is essential to ensure that the research and innovation culture becomes pervasive, sustainable and inclusive for the institution to be in a continuous and vibrant state of improvement.  Importantly, the centre realises MEC’s strategy for learning by research and its contribution towards professional competence, economic growth and development, and socio-cultural values.

While coordinating and executing multidisciplinary research, the centre aims at four important objectives: creating student innovation and pre-incubation facilities, promoting scholarly research, fostering research commercialisation and providing incubating ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Staff and student collaboration, scholarly research publications, patents, incubation and entrepreneurial initiatives, external collaboration and mentorship are some of the significant aspects of this initiative.
The centre provides a forum for the staff, students and professionals/practitioners to collaborate and learn from each other. Together with the mentors from relevant fields and domains, the centre aims at transforming an ‘idea’ to a tangible product/solution/service/academic output by facilitating interventions at every stage of the development life cycle.