Middle East College: Where the Sun Never Sets & the Day Never Ends

كلية الشرق الأوسط: شمس لا تعرف الغروب

It is that bright beacon of knowledge, situated in the Knowledge Oasis Muscat, whose history records stories of on-going success. It is like a flag planted by a successful mountaineer on top of soaring mountains. When you hear the name, Middle East College (MEC), what comes to your mind is the building that is small in size but vast in offering knowledge.
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Sonata Sofia: I am graduating with so many great memories, achievements and friendships

سوناتا صوفيا: اليوم؛ أتخرّج وأنا أحمل الكثير من الذكريات الرائعة، والإنجازات والعلاقات الجميلة

Looking back to 2012, When I first joined MEC I was excited, nervous, not knowing what to expect and was wondering how I would get through 4 whole years but today I can honestly say that choosing MEC was one of the best decisions in my life.
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The Student Advisory Council

المجلس الطلابي الاستشاري

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) at Middle East College (MEC) has 17 elected members including the President and Vice-president. The SAC functions through its three committees: the Academic Committee, the Student Services Committee, and the Activities and Initiatives Committee.
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Zamzam Al Ajmi: living on an edge of a painting brush!

زمزم العجمية: مغامرةٌ على حافّة ريشة رسم ولوحةٍ بيضاء!

Plutarch said: "Painting is silent poetry, and poetry draws a speaker". Painting is one of the most beautiful and expressive of languages. Through it, we experience different emotions, live in various worlds and speak about secrets in ways that could be simple or mysterious.
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