The Student Advisory Council

المجلس الطلابي الاستشاري

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) at Middle East College (MEC) has 17 elected members including the President and Vice-president. The SAC functions through its three committees: the Academic Committee, the Student Services Committee, and the Activities and Initiatives Committee.
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Zamzam Al Ajmi: living on an edge of a painting brush!

زمزم العجمية: مغامرةٌ على حافّة ريشة رسم ولوحةٍ بيضاء!

Plutarch said: "Painting is silent poetry, and poetry draws a speaker". Painting is one of the most beautiful and expressive of languages. Through it, we experience different emotions, live in various worlds and speak about secrets in ways that could be simple or mysterious.
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Slush: A distinctive experience that can never be forgotten!

سلاش: تجربة فريدة وملهمة لا تُنسى!

Last November, Middle East College gave me the chance to attend Slush, an international event in Helsinki, Finland, attended by thousands of people from all around the world.
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Omani Wool Turbans Factory

An Entrepreneur’s Dream Coming to Reality!

Every country has its own special culture, traditions and heritage that no other country is similar to. Oman is an Arabic country that is known for its long history, strong culture and holds all the beauty in its heritage.
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