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دروس الحياة

Author: News Editor/19 March 2018/Categories: Student articles


Throughout our lives we do many things; we meet people, make friends, lose friends, make good and bad decisions, encounter obstacles and overcome them. But my question is: Is it all meant to happen or do we receive updates as we move along the way?
I have made bad decisions in my life, but some of these bad decisions have led to positive results. I know that it sounds confusing but it is true. Personally, I believe that you have a number of routes to choose from and each route has a number of routes within it that you can choose from. The possibilities are pretty much endless. Consider your problems as opportunities. Analyze the problem and think about how you can possibly get maximum advantage out of it. I have done this in the past. It's a bumpy ride but it is worth the try!
Of course everything is planned, but that doesn't mean you can jump off a building and expect not to die just because you are not supposed to die that way, right? I believe that you can change these plans by choosing the correct route. Yes, sometimes different routes lead to the same destination, but I think how you get to your destination is what matters and is most important.
You have to try new things all the time, or else you will not be able to adapt. But at the same time you have to draw the line somewhere. Do not let anyone force you to do anything. You have a voice, and the right to choose, so use it! But be careful, each route in front of you is a maze that you can get lost in. And if you do get lost in the maze, you are going to have a hard time finding your way out. You can check out and go back to the entrance, or you can stay and look for the exit, it's your choice. Just be careful my friend!



By: Mohamed Elawad
Student, MEC

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