Small Step Big Shifts

A motivational writeup by Ms. Asfiya Khan

Author: Middle East College/17 February 2014/Categories: Staff articles

As New Year is approaching I would like to share a technique with you that has worked miracles with my clients to change their perceptions easily and effortlessly.

Before they started following the small step they reported “life is miserable”, “I am so depressed”, “where is there peace in this world”, “I am sick of competing with others”, “I have to make an effort to smile, for it never comes naturally”, “I breathe anxiety instead of oxygen”, “nothing works in my favour”, “life has hit so hard on me that I feel shattered” and so on.
After only a week within regularly following the small step they reported a huge change (constructive of course) in the way they looked and felt about:  life, the people around them, their workplace, family, and above all themselves.

The small step is: Every night before you go to sleep record in a diary as many things as possible (minimum three) that have happened during the course of the day which made you even slightly happy or for which you should be grateful. It could be anything small or big: you drank the perfect cup of coffee, your eyes were captured by the flower bud ready to bloom by the next morning, while you were stuck in traffic you saw a beautiful face smiling at you, the beam of sunlight coming from the window, your trip to your favourite beach, a therapeutic massage, a new job offer, your promotion, children hugging you, and so on.

The next night when you pick up your diary to record the ‘good moments’ for the day, please read what you have written the previous night. So, each time before you write you are advised to read previous records (a mere cursory look is also fine). 

Soon you will notice and feel that the law of attraction has come into force. The more you look forward to recording such events the more such events will surround you. Basically, you will attract them!
Many researches have proved that thinking about the future causes anxiety. Most of the time when we are in bed just about to sleep we start to plan ahead for the next day. This causes some amount of anxiety and it becomes difficult to fall asleep. But here I am asking you to think about the good moments which have already occurred during the course of the day. Therefore, there is no element of anxiety attached to it and you can go to sleep in peace after recording them.

Do you realise that apart from the immediate benefits of this exercise you would also be preserving the glorious moments of your life forever through these records. What if you could hand these records over as a legacy to your children or grandchildren for them to enjoy knowing the ‘Authentic You’?

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