The Technology Services Department is responsible for developing, maintaining and upgrading the Information Technology infrastructure, services and support along with their related policies and procedures at the Middle East College (MEC). .

The department deploys and maintains the necessary technology infrastructure that is required by MEC to conduct its operations in an efficient and secure manner. It is committed to provide a reliable infrastructure, dependable computing environment and necessary support services to the staff, faculty members and students. These services act as the platform which other departments, both academic and non-academic utilise to further enhance their activities and thus achieve their department objectives thereby contributing to MEC’s mission.

Email Through this service, MEC Email facility is provided to all staff, students and alumni. As per the request of our users, the email storage capacity may be upgraded to 10GB.

Document Storage This service provides file storage space to store electronic documents. At present the storage can be accessed through intranet only.

Module Registration Through this facility, students can register modules online using the College Information System (CIS) portal. This service allows students to register for the available sessions. The service is available on a ‘first come first serve’ basis .The students who register earlier get a better opportunity in terms of time and teachers of their choice. Students can also take a print out of their semester timetable in advance and start preparing for the forthcoming semester.

Document Request By using this service, students and staff members can make an online request for documents like transcripts, letters and other reports through CIS or HRIS.

e-Placements This is a special service offered to the students to get noticed by recruiters. The students can register for this facility and keep their profile updated in the ePlacement portal for the recruiters to take notice.

Biometrics Biometric attendance devices are integrated with HRIS for easier employee time management. Access Control Devices To ensure proper protection of critical resources, RFID based access management to various facilities is managed by the department.

Firewall Technology Services provides and maintains website filtering and spam filtering. This protects users against common threats like malware, viruses and spyware.

    General labs
  1. Department labs
  2. Staff and faculty computers / laptops
  3. Classroom computers
  4. Classroom Audio Visual equipment
  5. Hardware Maintenance and Replacement
  6. ID Cards and campus management
  7. Wired, VPN and Wifi – Network
  8. Electronic File Storage
Staff Name Telephone Number
Yasir Mohamed-Head 24531530
Wael Shawkat-Head of IT Services 24531531
Thomas Philip 24531538
Said Al Sinani 24531533
Maryam Khalid 24531539
Roshan PM 24531536
Jaseem Ameer 24531534