Registration & Assessment Department at Middle East College provides central support for the college's academic administration. The department is responsible for registration of students, ensuring quality in academic activities of the college and the management of student programme records.

The department works closely with
• prospective applicants, their families, as well as current students and graduates.
• academic staff in the college and other support departments.
• a wide variety of external organizations, including the academic partners and local and central government agencies.

To enhance Student Experience at Middle East College

For students:

  • Serves as primary information bureau in the campus on academic policy and regulations
  • Registers students
  • Issues ID cards, Academic Calendars and Student Handbooks
  • Offers support in the module registration process and class schedules issues
  • Collects and archives student documents
  • Issues certificates, academic transcripts and module descriptors, and letters requested by students for various purposes
  • Acts as facilitators for addressing academic concerns

For Faculty Members:

  • Module forecasting and Class Scheduling
  • Configuration of modules and assessments on CIS
  • Day to day assistance on different matters related to class schedules
  • Support to different departments/units in the college with regard to student data

For Visitors:

Visitors include parents, guardians, employers and sponsors. The following services are offered for visitors.
  • Information on student schedules on request
  • Student performance reports and information on request
  • Clarification on academic regulations
The Student Records Unit within the Registration Office maintains individual files for every student enrolled in the college and ensures that mandatory and essential documents pertaining to each student are maintained in respective files. The unit updates student records regularly. The unit verifies and ensures accuracy of student personal details maintained on the CIS. The unit issues student files to Registration Office on request and is solely responsible for the security of the files.

Services offered by Student Records Unit

  • Maintenance, updating, and safekeeping of all student records including those of the Postgraduate programmes.
  • Issue of original documents / photocopies of originals to students on request.
  • Monitoring and keeping track of movement of student files to and from Student Records Storage Unit.
  • Archiving and retention of student records.
  1. Processes online requests for letter/ specialisation changes / exam registrations
  2. Facilitates attendance of PG students in their graduation ceremony in Coventry University, UK
  3. Coordinates the Student Exchange Program
  4. Coordinates Online MEC and CU Library Access for PG students
  5. Prints online Hall Tickets
Staff Name Extension No.
Prasad Pillai, Head of Department 726
Jabir Al Amri 731
Haitham Al Busaidi 740
Sujin Samuel 467
Ummer V.P 735
Vinu P 711
Biju V 729
Ahmed Al Amri 763
Zahir Al Rawahi