Middle East College (MEC) has developed a Quality Assurance Office committed to ensuring that the education it provides is of the highest quality for its stakeholders and meets the standards required by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA). Through work with its partners it also complies with the precepts of the UK’s Quality Assurance Agency Codes of Practice. The office works closely with the Data Office and reports to the Managing Director through the Department of Strategic Initiatives.

  • The Quality Assurance Office has delegated responsibility for ensuring that a culture of care, collaboration and achievement of the highest standards is maintained and enhanced.

Specifically, the Quality Assurance Office is responsible for:

  • Ensuring MEC fully implements the institutional policies, systems and processes
  • Ensuring the policies and procedures of MEC are mapped appropriately to the OAAA standards
  • Designing and conducting internal audits to ensure and enhance appropriate academic excellence
  • Organising audit visits by the OAAA and other accreditation bodies including that of the partner universities (For example validation events and midterm and interim review visits).
  • Producing the Annual Quality Monitoring (AQM) reports to Partner Universities and to the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) as required within the timescales mentioned
  • Monitoring and reviewing programme specification documents written by academic departments
  • Ensuring that the Content Management System’s documents are maintained and  up-to–date
  • Preparing reports to appropriate boards based on the outcome of surveys that is administered by various departments.
  • Conducting an annual audit to ensure compliance with policies, procedures and standards
  • Supporting the concept of continuous quality enhancement


Name of the person Contact number
Nandita Ganesh
Vimala Elumalai
Shariefa Al Yahyai