The Human Resources Department is responsible for the following

Recruitment & Selection:
Middle East College (MEC) welcomes qualified professionals from diverse backgrounds, supporting a fine mix of various nationalities, qualifications, gender and age, with due focus on Omanization policies. HR & Legal Affairs Office follows a consistent set of procedures in recruiting and selecting its employees, ensuring recruitment of ‘the right person for the right job’.

Through established staff induction and mentorship programmes, Human Resources Department facilitates a smooth integration of new staff members into the college. It provides sufficient information and resources required by the new staff to perform their job efficiently and effectively.

Professional Development: MEC believes in continuing education and affirms that staff must constantly attempt to update knowledge and skills for their self-development, for the benefit of students, and for the betterment of the college and the community. Based on the affirmation in continuing education, Human Resources Department encourages all staff members to periodically attend relevant staff development programmes such as conferences, seminars, workshops, short term training/courses and present research papers. Middle East College’s staff development policy also provides scholarship awards for higher studies such as diploma, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree and PhD.

Performance Planning & Review:
MEC believes in an objective staff performance review system intended to provide an opportunity for its staff members to evaluate themselves and match their aspirations with those of the department and MEC’s vision and mission. All employees, including academic and administrative staff members, are evaluated twice a year through performance appraisals which includes an interim performance feedback and an annual appraisal. The purpose of performance appraisals is to provide the employee with the feedback on his/her performance for the evaluated year and to establish targets and performance expectations for the forthcoming year. Annual performance appraisal and interim performance feedback sessions in MEC are undertaken by the Human Resources Department.

Human Resources Department aims to provide MEC departments with qualified, talented and experienced staff to establish a rewarding and progressive environment.

Human Resources Department provides a wide range of services and activities:

  • Staff Recruitment
  • Staff Development
  • Student internship / Summer training in MEC
  • HR Policies & Regulations
  • Opening Staff HR File
  • MOHE approval
  • ROP Immigration (staff & expat students)
  • MOMP, PASI (staff registration)
  • Employment Contracts
  • New staff joining formalities – liaising with Facilities Management and Accounts office
  • Orientation / Induction Program
  • Mentorship Program
  • HRIS Administration – HR enrollment & Salary enrollment
  • Staff ID cards, Medical cards
  • HR Manual – policies & procedures implementation
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance management           
  • Certificate issuances
  • Ticketing
  • Payroll, TI & CAT, Peer tutor payment
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Job Satisfaction Survey
  • Staff Activities Club
  • Meeting staff for all HR related issues   
  • Staff grievance and disputes      
  • Liaising with Legal Consultants     
  • Staff End of Employment Exit procedures

Human Resources Department are located on the ground floor of Al Khalil Building (formerly known as Learning Resources Center). The office provides the following facilities and benefits to MEC staff community:

  • Staff Lounge at Ibn Khaldun Building
  • Medical Insurance
  • Ticketing
  • Teaching Incentives & Compensation for Additional Teaching (TI&CAT)
  • Break for an hour during the working days.

The Personal Affairs Unit is responsible for the following:

Staff Organizational Climate & Retention: Personnel Affairs Unit in Middle East College adopts various staff welfare activities to create and foster an environment that encourages its staff, by having policies and practices in place that address their diverse needs. Staff retention activities include job satisfaction surveys, social gatherings, written down policies for code of conduct, ethics, employee discipline and grievance procedures etc. Promotion and incentives policy of Middle East College also focuses on providing academic and teaching excellence by encouraging and retaining competent employees.

Services & Facilities:

Employee status: Personnel Affairs Unit undertakes all necessary government formalities to facilitate the new staff members to begin their work in Middle East College. It involves obtaining approvals from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Manpower and Public Authority of Social Insurance.

Student status (expatriates): Personnel Affairs Unit facilitates the legalization of expatriate students.

Human Resources Department

Mr. Hisham Al Gunaimi - Acting Head of Department
Telephone: 24531776 

Ms. Mahdim Al Balushi
Telephone: 24531527 

Ms. Samra Rumman
Telephone: 24531525

Mr. Nassir Al Farsi
Telephone: 24531522