The Campus Services Department offers a wide variety of services to the college community. These services include maintaining the college and hostel premises, providing a healthy and safe learning and working environment for students, staff and visitors and facilitating transportation services, personnel services, health services etc.

Our mission is to enhance student experience by creating and facilitating an excellent environment conducive for quality learning and teaching.

  • Deliver the best service within the budget
  • Manage and develop facilities in line with the strategic plan

Campus Planning and Infrastructure Development

  • Space planning, allocation and management
  • Management and implementation of construction projects
  • Annual budget preparation and management
  • Preparing a master plan for infrastructure development
  • Getting necessary approvals from ROP and KOM for infrastructure development
Maintenance and housekeeping
  • Carry out all preventive maintenance activities
  • Carry out all reactive maintenance (e tracker)
  • Maintain the college premises
  • Complete proper evaluation before procuring products or services
  • Update the college management about the minimum requirements to ensure proper development and maintenance of assets
  • Ensure that assets are adequately maintained
  • Ensure that associated risks are effectively managed and reported to the college management
  • Waste disposal
  • Pest control
  • Classroom set up and officeroom setup
  • Cleaning of college hostels
  • Planting and upkeep of lawn, floral bedding and trees in the campus
  • Maintenance of the guest house: cleaning of guest house, linen change, provision of food and beverages and garden maintenance
Procurement and contracts
  • Provide all goods and services required for operation of the college in compliance with established laws and guidelines in a timely manner at the required place , in the proper quantity and quality
  • Procure all material, equipment, supplies and designated services in proper quantities as required by the departments in the best interests of the college
  • Develop and implement programs in coordination with appropriate personnel in all departments to ensure timely purchase at the lowest possible cost
  • Keep contracts with various suppliers and maintenance providers for regular supply and regular maintenance
  • Purchase all stationery and consumables for academic purposes.
  • Ensure enough stock is maintained of all stationery
  • Deliver the requested item to the concerned staff member / department
Front office, security and transport
  • Promptly attends incoming telephone calls in a professional manner, and re-directs the call to the appropriate individuals or departments
  • Meets and welcomes the visitors and enters their details into the visitors log book before guiding them to the appropriate individuals or departments
  • Despatches ,receives and delivers all mails and articles by courier to the appropriate individuals or departments
  • Assists in providing a safe and secure learning and working environment for staff, students and visitors to the College
  • Provides improved security to the college premises in general and college property in specific
  • Detects and works for the deterrence and prevention of crime in the college by securing evidence to identify and apprehend offenders and provides evidence for internal disciplinary hearings
  • Reduces the fear of crime and provides reassurance for all staff, students and visitors to the College
  • Ensures the availability of college buses to different locations in the city
  • Monitors the traffic flow in the campus
  • Provides transport to all stakeholders in case of any emergency
  • Intimates KOM security personnel for any special requirement in regard to VIP/VVIP visitor to the college campus
  • Provides vehicle entry pass to the college for the college community
Hostel and support facilities
  • Identifies and chooses hostels according to the requirements of the college
  • Renews/ cancels or makes new hostel agreements
  • Contacts the building owner in case of any issue related to a particular hostel
  • Registers students in the hostel
  • Arranges furniture for the hostel with the assistance of the Procurement Unit
  • Cleaning of hostels with the aid of the housekeeping unit
  • Carries out preventive and reactive maintenance activities
  • Arranges rooms for students, wardens and hostel guards
  • Organizes college buses with the assistance of the transport unit
  • Arranges transport for students for their projects, hospital consults, shopping and airport transfers
Health & safety Unit
  • Implements Health, Safety and Environmental policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Ensures all incidents, accidents, spills and near-misses are investigated and reported promptly and corrective action takes place in a timely manner
  • Produces risk assessments
  • Inspects all college properties and hostels and maintains a record
  • Inspects all college vehicles and maintains a record
  • Ensures safety in construction sites
  • Responsible for the wellness centre in the campus
  • Inspects the college refectory at regular intervals and maintains a record
  • Ensures first aid boxes have all the required supplies and are easily accessible
  • Provides training in fire safety and first aid to the college community
  • Briefing first aiders and fire wardens on a regular basis
Events and hospitality services
  • Ensures the smooth conduct of events
  • Reservation of the auditorium, the sports complex and the General lab
  • Arranges food and beverages for the events
  • Reservation of hotels for college guests and newly joining staff
  • Provides airport transfers for college guests and newly joining staff
  • Manages college guest house
  • Assists new staff in finding accommodation



  • Facilitates parking for the physically challenged and maintenance of wheel chair routes, wheel chairs, special toilets etc. MEC focuses on providing safety to the whole community within the campus. The college has planned parking and specific routes for the physical challenged. Building, TL -1 has a parking facility for 3 vehicles. All buildings have access for wheelchairs. Each building is equipped with one wheel chair. In TL- 1 and TL – 2, there are special toilets for the physically challenged.
  • Maintains Security cameras MEC has installed security camera in all the four buildings including labs, corridors and also in the car parking areas.
  • Fire extinguishers All the four buildings are equipped with appropriate fire extinguishers
  • Fire Wardens There are at least two fire wardens on every floor of each building and in some areas there are more as per the size and the requirements.
  • Drills Each building has its own assembly point. Drills are conducted every semester, one unannounced and one announced.

Transportation is available for hostel students and day scholars.

Hostel Facilities

  • Study rooms
  • Prayer rooms
  • TV rooms
  • Wi-Fi
  • Transport
  • Wardens available 24 hours
  • Security / Guards available 24 hours
  • Airport transfers
  • Hospital trips if necessary
  • Weekly twice trip to Muscat City Centre
  • Students who are doing their projects are provided with transportation to Companies
Parking facilities
  • 620 parking spaces + 200 Parking added
  • 3 dedicated parking for physically challenged
  • 110 for staff
  • Separate parking for buses
Other Campus facilities
  • Wi-Fi is available in the whole Campus
  • CC TV
  • Student lounge with a capacity of 80 students
  • All classrooms with Projector and audio system
Ibn Rushd
  • Two student lounges with snacks and beverages
  • Prayer room
  • CCTV
  • Meeting room
  • Atrium for small events
  • All classrooms with projector and audio system
  • Specialized Engineering Labs
  • Two language labs
  • System labs
  • High speed Printer for students
  • Library (functions even on Thursday)
  • Atrium available for small events
  • Video conferencing available.
  • Boardroom
  • Library: Audio visual room Research room Discussion room Photocopying facility
Ibn Khaldoun
  • Staff lounge with a capacity of 110
  • Student lounge for girls with a capacity of 80 students and separate for boys with a capacity of 90 students
  • Cafeteria with a total capacity of 375 students

Campus Services department
Mr. Rafeep Abdulrahman (Acting Head)
Telephone: 24531733
Office Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Health & Safety Unit
Mr. Ahmed Zajdali
Telephone: 24531438
Office Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Front Office, Security and Transport
Mr. Said Al Battashi
Telephone: 24531745
Office Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Procurement & Contracts Office
Mr. Navid Shamsudheen
Telephone: 24531430
Office Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Maintenance Unit
Mr. Navid Shamsudheen
Telephone: 24531434
Office Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Stores Unit
Mr. Abdul Nasir
Telephone: 24531432
Office Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm