The Admissions Office recruits and admits students to the academic programmes offered by the college. It facilities a smooth transition into student life at MEC, encouraging students to imbibe the  qualities, student attributes and values of the institution, contributing towards building an effective and dynamic learning community.

Processing of Applications:
1. To develop, implement and maintain systems and structures that promote efficiency in the management of admissions to the college.
2. To provide details of students’ academic career to make fair and accurate academic decisions.
3. To encourage prospective students to submit applications through the online process.
4. To maintain and protect the academic integrity of student records in accordance with college, state and federal guidelines.
5. To respond to students on their acceptance status within the stipulated time

Programming and Marketing:
1. To design, develop and employ a variety of recruitment, marketing, outreach and on-campus programs for sophomores, juniors and seniors.
2. To plan and implement programming events that appeal to prospective students and their family members to market the college .
3. To disseminate information electronically, through printed materials, and by telephone, to promote the educational opportunities provided by the college through high quality academic programs of the university and qualified and distinguished faculty

1. To devise a comprehensive territory recruitment plan to include in-state and out-of-state recruitment visits.
2. To attract academically prepared students who are geographically, ethnically and economically diverse including national and international representation.
3. To focus on special outreach events to recruit international students.
4. To plan and implement a recruitment schedule to visit over 400 sites which include high schools, national and regional college fairs and high school counsellors

Planning and Organisation:
1. To provide adequate staff to assist the Director and Associate Directors to enhance office operations and supervision.
2. To train a staff member for being responsible for greeting prospective students and their family members on a daily basis.
3. To hire competent and well trained MEC students to assist in the promotion of the college.
4. To maintain the quality of outstanding services provided to everyone who comes in contact with the MEC Admissions Office for admission to undergraduate programs.

1. To shape and diversify our student body by increasing the number of students, belonging to different cultural, socioeconomic, and regional backgrounds.
2. To increase the number of applications received by 25% to allow for a wider range of selection.

  • Campus tours, either group or individual
  • Presentations on: the college application process, importance of college, education and the programs available at MEC
  • Sending information regarding programs
  • Providing information tables
  • Processing admission applications and incoming transcripts
  • Processing admission applications for international students
  • Evaluating incoming transcripts for transfer credit
  • Providing information about registration
  • Processing applications for scholarships and other forms of financial assistance
  • Providing the necessary enrolment certifications to those who are under the scholarship, financial assistance, and loan programs
  • Informing donors regarding the status of their grantees