Middle East College library is well equipped with a strong collection of over 45000 books on a wide range of topics and subjects. The collection comprises of reference books, text books, audio-visual materials and subscribes to print, electronic journals and databases.

The library includes two reading areas with a area of 2400 sq meters and has a seating capacity for 310 students at a time. The ground floor is equipped with a circulation counter, a reference section, five discussion rooms, photocopying and a large reading hall with a seating capacity for 150 students at a time.

Additionally, the first floor is dedicated to book stacks, a silent reading area with reading carrels, a faculty research and periodical section, an audio-visual section and a photocopying section equipped with state-of-the arts machines.

Audio visual section one of the most attractive facilities at the library is its audio-visual section. This section is capable of seating 30 students at a time. Additionally it is also equipped with state-of-the art technology. The library constantly acquires and holds a large collection of audio-visual tapes, DVDs, CDs, Audio cassettes related to various academic subjects to further strengthen the already strong audio visual section.

Conference/Discussion Rooms Five discussion rooms are provided in the ground floor of the library with a capacity of 8 to 10 users each. These rooms can be used by students for presentations, group discussions, and group studies. To book these rooms students are required to reserve the room as per the library policies.

Online Catalogue Search: Online library catalogue search facility popularly known as OPAC is being provided through the Student Information system. The catalogue lists all the books and text books that are available in the Library, by showing all the details of the item that the user is searching for, like the author name, Title, publisher, ISBN, number of available copies and the location of the item in the library. The catalogue search also gives the user an option to reserve a book.

Internet Facility WiFi connections have been provided in the Library and across the campus. Students can connect to internet using their personal laptops anywhere inside the campus.

Photocopying Facility Photocopiers are provided in the library on both floors. Students can use this facility for photocopying books and other resources available in the library. Students can use this facility by using their smart Identity cards.

Library Circulation Services: The Circulation Services desk is located on the ground floor of the library near the entrance. All issuable items of the library can be borrowed from here as per the guidelines and library policies. Additionally books can be borrowed, renewed or returned at the circulation desk.

Awareness Service: The library is currently offering a weekly awareness bulletin titled “LIB weekly”. which contains information about newly arrived books and periodicals during the previous week.

New arrivals display: All newly arrived items are displayed near the entry point of the library.

  • Access to the College Library is restricted to Faculty members, staff and students of the college. All other individuals who need to use the facilities will have to take necessary permissions in advance and need to be authorised by the Librarian.
  • Students are required to carry their College Identity card and staff to carry their College staff identity card to gain entry and to use the Library.
  • Appropriate behaviour is required in all parts of the Library. Silence must be observed in the library. The use of mobile phones in the Library is prohibited. Phones should either be switched off or set to silent ring mode. Students failing to comply with this requirement or who behave inappropriately in the library will be asked to leave the Library immediately. Any subsequent incidents will be referred to the Dean/ Academic Support Manager for consideration within the terms of the appropriate college disciplinary procedures.
  • Consumption of food and drink is not allowed in the Library. Anyone entering with food and/or drink may be refused admission.
  • The use of personal audio equipment is not permitted in the Library. Photography, filming, video-taping and audio-taping in the Library is not allowed without the prior permission of the Librarian.
  • The use of internet is allowed for educational and project work only.
  • A student is allowed to borrow 3 library items at a time for a period of 2 weeks. On completion of the assigned time students will have to renew the items for and additional period of 2 weeks.
  • A fine of RO 0.100 per day is charged on overdue items. If fines are outstanding, borrowing rights may be withdrawn until such time as those fines are paid.
  • All communications of the library are carried out by e-mail to a student's official college e-mail address, especially in the case of, overdue reminders, recall and reservation notices, etc. Therefore, it is the students responsibility to regularly check for these email messages.
  • Users are responsible for materials borrowed in their name and for its return by the due date.
  • In case of loss of library items, the borrower is required to replace the item or pay double the cost of its replacement.
  • The library may refuse to accept a damaged book and the borrower will have to replace the book.
  • The registration to the next semester or award of degree/diploma may be deferred until all books have been returned and outstanding fines/charges paid.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from writing on or marking any library book, periodical, newspaper or on any library furniture, i.e. tables, chairs, etc. If any student is found in violation, a fine will be imposed.
The library is constantly watched by Closed Circuit cameras and all movements of visitors are monitored. Any student found engaging in indiscipline will be reported to the disciplinary committee of Middle East College for appropriate action.

Borrowing books: Books are allowed to be borrowed by the students, faculty, and staff using their College ID Cards.

Returning Books: All library materials may be returned to Library during operating hours.

Renewing Books: Renewal or extension for a book that has been borrowed earlier needs to be done in person at the circulation desk in the library.

Recalling Books: The Library holds the right to recall a book after the minimum usage period of 2 weeks, or with immediate effect if the book is in demand.

Fine Policy: Fine is applicable if books are not returned by the due date. A grace period of 3 days is provided from the due date after which fine is imposed as per policy.

Loss of Books: In case a book that is borrowed is reported lost, then the new book needs to be replaced or the cost of the book needs to be paid.

Damage/Mutilation: All books borrowed need to be returned back to the library in good condition. Books that are damaged will have to be replaced by a new copy or the cost to procure a new book needs to be paid.

  1. Can I make a phone or e-mail request to have books or articles sent from the Library to my location?
    Middle East College library is working towards providing services such as telephonic or email borrowing. However, we currently donot provide these service.
  2. Can I ask the Library staff for help if I need help to find information for my project or assignments?
    Certainly. You may contact library staff and seek their help.
  3. If I am on campus, can I check out books from the library?
    Certainly. Please note, however, that regular due dates apply. While you can renew a book, you are responsible to get it back to the library safely and on time.
  4. Can I use the services of other libraries in Muscat?
    Certainly. You can use the library services of almost all private colleges and universities in Muscat including Sultan Qaboos University where the borrowing of library items is restricted.