The Department of Management Studies plays a vital role in supporting and shaping the careers of students. The modules offered by the department impart fundamental and specialized knowledge of business, its environment and functions and equip students with the managerial skills required for the employment market.


Department of Management Studies at Middle East College was primarily set up to provide a supporting role, but as MEC expands and develops, new business related programmes are offered to students now. Within this, the department plays significant and vital role in shaping the careers of students. Modules offered by the department impart fundamental and specialized knowledge of business, its environment and functions and equip students with managerial skills.

Research Interests

General research area of the department is Business Management and Organisational issues. Under the general research area, each of the department members have specialized research interests, such as Integration of Oman into Global Supply Chains; Performance appraisal in higher education institutions in Oman; Finance and Accounting; Fashion Business and Work-life Balance.

The main objective of the department is to achieve the organisational vision and mission that is Inspiring creative minds and excellence in developing human resources, creating knowledge, and active community engagement for the immediate society & the world at large through enhanced student experience. Therefore we aim to provide the students with an environment to learn the conceptual and practical aspects of management and organisations that are relevant to their area of specialisation.
The specific objectives of the department are to:
i. Equip students with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them perform effectively as individuals and professionals.
ii. Provide opportunities to develop interpersonal, problem solving, teamwork and management skills.
iii. Develop their abilities to understand emerging national and international business events and issues.
iv. Ensure close interaction and alliance with the industry through guest lectures, workshops, seminars and field trips.
v. Emphasize on innovative teaching practices.
vi. Lay the foundation for further education and professional development in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Management, Human Resource and Supply chain & Logistics.
The offered programmes are:
  • Logistics Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources Management 
  • The Department also collaborates with other academic department at MEC and offers Management modules for their students to support their programme.
    i. Faculty members in the Department of Management Studies provide the best support and advice to facilitate learning for student so they can complete their studies successfully. The support is given through different activities that faculty members participate in, for example:

    • During the registration period, we participate in the registration help desk which aims to provide help for students who need support for registration. Faculty members provide advices for those students in terms of choosing subjects to improve their grades.
    • Support and guidance is provided for students who are eligible to do supplementary exams which are scheduled during the intra-semester break.
    • More support and counseling is provided to students who need specialised advice.
    • The department also offers, academic advising to students to support them in successful completion of their programme by advising them on academic issues.

    ii. Department is supervising Students’ Clubs – Business Society and MEC Entrepreneurs Club, aimed to enhance students experience in out-of-curriculum areas, train them on organisational and managerial skills, expand their knowledge in business and management related fields through organizing different events and activities, such as field trips, companies visit, workshops, seminars, mini-conferences and debates in collaboration with industry.
    iii. The department also offers dissertation guidance to PG programmes to enable them in successful dissertation completion for the MBA (IT) programme.
    The department of Management Studies at MEC is well established with sufficient facilities to enable good teaching and learning. The department has spacious work stations for all faculty members with a separate discussion room and modern ICT facilities. The department also has access to modern classrooms for delivering lessons, a well-stocked library with decent amount of print, online and audio visual learning materials, and a number of computer and design labs for practical work, online learning and evaluation and hands-on experience.
    Faculty Achievements:

    1. Dr. Maria Teresa Matriano presented a paper in the 3rd International Conference of the Omani Society for Educational Technology 2015 titled   The role of Social Media and Blog in enhancing Learning Experience.

    2. Dr. Maria virtually  presented a paper to SOCIO-INT 15 2nd International Conference on Education, Social Sciences and Humanities

    8th-10th June 2015, titled  Entrepreneurship Growth in Oman, Position, Prospects and Growth of Entrepreneurial Education  and was published in the International e-Journal of Advances in Education – IJAEDU, Vol. 1, Num 2, 2015  (

    3. Dr. Maria Teresa Matriano virtually presented a paper to International Conference on Advances in Education and Social Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey 12-14th October, 2015 titled Advances in Higher Education for Global Citizenship of  Omanis: Current Practices and Contemporary Issues 

    and was  approved for publication and was uploaded  to the Ocerint’s digital library page( and was included in the ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index.

    4. Dr. Maria Teresa Matriano submitted a paper titled  “Entering the Emerging Markets in the Globalization Era: A Case of UAE’s International Business”  (Paper ID ICBM-538) and has been ACCEPTED for the 3rd International Conference on Business and Management in Connected Era, 2015 which is to be held from 17th to 19th November,2015 at Skyline University College, University City of Sharjah, UAE, and was considered by Springer for publication in book form, and by Skyline Business Journal (indexed in EBSCO & CENGAGE LEARNING).

    The department plans to diversify in terms of programmes offered and in levels of expertise available within the department. We hope to roll out more specialized Management programmes at the UG level keeping in mind the demands of the country and the job market. Further the department is keen on professional development of staff members and their interest in teaching and learning for which several interventions shall be taken to support their interest. These interventions have been taken in past and have enabled staff to develop their Knowledge, Skills and Abilities in teaching and learning. The department also looks forward to knowing more about the local environment and cultural requirements of the country.

    Faculty Name

    Contact No.

    De. Elango Rengasamy, Head of the Department                                         
    Dr. Maria Teresa Matriano 24531442
    Dr. Vijayakumar Srinivasan 24531448
    Dr. Ali Salem 24531674
    Dr. Deena R 24531497

    Amit Chotrani


    Festus Odhigu

    David Suguku  24531442
    Udaya Kumari Menon 24531496
    Bambang Rizki Pratomo 24531446
    Faustino Taderera 24531445
    Gbenga Ekundayo 24531675
    Visting Faculty members
    Issa Saleh Ali Al-Aufi
    Abdullah Ali AL-Siyabi
    Khalid Hamed Al Mahruqi
    Said Alaamri