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Student Success Centre (SSC) was established in the year 2007, with a two-member team and was known as the Learning Advisory and Career Counseling Unit. Benchmarking Student Success Centre services against those of reputed universities lead to several changes including the adoption of the name Student Success Centre and the refinement of its overall mission and objectives.  At present the centre has five full-time members who pool in their knowledge, skills and experience to bolster students towards success. The availability of a psychological counselor and a social counselor addresses the various aspects of a student’s personality.

The objectives of the Student Success Centre include:
  • To intensify and strengthen Academic Advising
  •  To facilitate better understanding of college academic and other regulations, rules and procedures and to ensure student compliance with the same.
  • To monitor student progress
  • To coordinate and supervise peer-tutoring program in various academic departments
  • To identify issues affecting performance of academically weak students and providing appropriate interventions in coordination with academic departments.
  • To provide special provisions for  students with medical conditions
  • To propose academic policies based on the findings of student data
  • To promote professional competence and social engagement through competition for  Best  Bachelor Project awards
The SSC at MEC supports and counsels students on academic, personal and social matters. The mission of SSC is to enable sustained improvement in academic performance of the students, facilitate professional competence and clarify MEC rules and regulations to ensure optimal compliance.

The Student Success Centre attempts to reach out to as many students as possible to address their diverse needs. Consequently, it plans to work on a system of student volunteers who will be trained to guide those seeking assistance and at the same time serve as role models.

The centre also looks forward to having tie-ups with professional bodies and institutes to facilitate the best possible experience for students in terms of personality development, skills- building, motivation boosting, psychological and physical well-being.

The SSC offers the following service and programs for the students:

SSC Workshops: These interactive sessions on Time Management, Learning Styles, How to overcome exam Anxiety, Revision Techniques, Positive Programming etc. are organized to assist students to be responsible learners with well-rounded personality.


Transition to College Life: Sessions are offered during the Orientation Programme to familiarize new students with college regulations, advice students to adhere to the rules and regulations for achieving optimal academic growth and to clarify their queries related to college life. General Foundation Programme students are specially catered through a series of workshops to make the transition to college life smoother.


Psychological Counseling: Full-time counselors are available on appointment for students seeking help on psychological issues which may be adversely affecting their academic progress.


Peer-tutoring, Supplementary Instructors and Student Module Mentors: The SSC arranges tutorial sessions for modules in which students need more assistance.  These sessions are conducted by cross- aged peer tutors supervised by module coordinators. Supplementary Instructors are also used in class for all semester one modules and for modules based on the needs of the students and or faculty’s request. Student Module Mentors are used in class to give fellow students an insight into the modules they study in the current semester.


Best Bachelor Project Award: The SSC encourages professional competence, cultural confidence and social engagement through the Best Bachelor Award Competition across all specialisations.


Supporting students with medical conditions: Students with medical conditions which may affect their academic performance are expected to meet SSC members. Suitable provisions and arrangements are made for these cases during classes and assessments.


Academic Advising: SSC members have individual sessions and follow-ups with students who are underperforming academically. An Academic Plan is prepared for such students and the required support is provided. SSC also coordinates the general Academic Advising process of MEC.


Student Representative meeting with the dean: SSC arranges meetings between students across different specialisations and the Dean to elicit student feedback, suggestions and concerns regarding the modules, programmes, teaching and learning, facilities etc.


Student Success Mentorship Programme: Students are chosen as Success Mentors (SSM) and are placed at four various strategic places in the campus keeping in mind maximum interaction with the students.  SSMs motivate and guide students in academic and non-academic issues. They also inform students about program completion regulations, peer-tutoring arrangements, clarification on policies, important announcements etc.


The Student Success Centre team:
Ms. Pooja Krishnan – Head of Student Success Centre 
Ms. Badriya Al Hosni- Senior Psychological Counselor
Ms. Shima Nasser- Student Advisor
Ms. Maitha Al Mahrouqi - Psychologist 
Ms. Rasha Al Hammadi - Student Consultant