Registry Services at Middle East College provides central support for the college's academic administration. The department is responsible for admission of students, ensuring quality in academic activities of the college and the management of student programme records.

The department works closely with
  • Prospective applicants, their families, as well as current students and graduates.
  • Academic staff in the college and other support departments.
  • A wide variety of external organisations, including the academic partners and local and central government agencies.
Main functions of the unit includes:
Student Administration and Systems
  • Administers students' formal registration with the college.
  • Manages the student records and college information systems.
  • Administer and make arrangements for students' formal examinations and graduation, including the annual graduation ceremony.
  • Academic Standards and Partnership
  • Manages academic quality assurance , academic development and enhancement procedures, including collaborating with the partner organisations.
  • Develops and advises on academic regulations and policies