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MEC equips its students with essential soft skills and life skills to give them a competitive edge in the job market and later in the workplace. The strategic skills of communication, leadership, teamwork, creativity and thinking skills are embedded in its academic programmes. 

Placement and Entrepreneurship Office at Middle East College provides placement services to students for job openings in companies across Oman. The cell organises regular programmes such as careers fairs and various other activities that provide opportunities for recruiters and employers to meet with students and interact with them. students are empowered through these events to understand the employers and job market requirements to further develop their skill sets to match industry requirements prior to their graduation.
Middle East College has consistently been working on strong relationships with a diverse range of employers who are looking for well- rounded graduates. As a result, the college has set up an apex advisory forum known as ‘Advisory Forum for Industry Relations of Middle East College (AFIRM)’, which places industry academia interaction on top of its academic agenda. The forum meets twice a year to guide the college’s Industry Relations policies, and programme design.

As a result of this, the college has been able to build its academic programmes, teaching methodologies and infrastructure to embody the needs of the industry. Therefore, Middle East College proudly states that its students are prepared with the expectations and demands of working in today’s world. Industry has commended Middle East College graduates for their productivity even as entry-level employees and for their sound academic knowledge.   

Middle East College also provides forums for placement such as the ePlacement portal. Students can upload their resumes enabling employers who are registered with Middle East College to view the data base and recruit employees. In addition to this, employers also can notify the placement cell of graduate vacancies.