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Q1. How do I log on to Middle East College SIS (Student Information System)?
Your SIS username is your student identification number (e.g. 06f1020) and the password is the same as your college login password.

Q2. How do I register for new modules?
You can register for new modules at the beginning of each semester through the CIS. But students on weak academic standing are to contact their academic advisor or the Accounts Office according to the instructions given to you on the SIS. Please note that late registration beyond the notified date is usually not permitted.

Q3. How do I add/drop module(s)?
You can add or drop module(s) following initial registration using the Add/Drop form available at the Registration Office. Add/Drop activity cannot take place outside the period set for the same.

Q4. How do I change my specialisation?
You can approach the Registration Department at the beginning of the semester and complete the necessary formalities provided you fulfil the requirements of the programme sought. In certain cases this may require registration of additional modules. Please note that change of specialisation is allowed only once during the entire period of study.

Q5. Can I avail library services during the weekend?
Yes, you can avail the library services on Thursdays but not on Fridays. The library is open from 9 am to 1 pm every Friday but will remain closed on all Saturdays.

Q6. How do I give feedback about a teaching staff in the college?
You can give feedback about your faculty through CIS at the end of each semester. CIS will automatically request you to fill out the faculty feedback form with necessary instructions by the end of each semester. Additionally, you can give feedback on Academic Advising Day which is conducted every semester.

Q7. How do I give a feedback about a support staff in the college?
You can give your feedback about support staff and services in the college to their respective Heads of Departments, either through email or in person. Additionally, you can give feedback on Academic Advising Day which is conducted every semester.

Q8. How do I connect my laptop to the college Wifi?
You can connect to our WiFi HOTSPOT using your college login id and password.

Q9. How do I pay my tuition fees?
You can pay your fees in cash or cheque (in favour of Middle East College) directly to the Accounts Office, located on the ground floor of the Teaching & Learning Block. You can also make a Direct Transfer in favour of Middle East College to Bank Muscat, MSQ branch, A/C No: 32-40354-0081-018.