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Academic advisers play an important role in assisting students to identify and organise different modules for the semester in accordance with academic regulations. They also help students to explore different paths towards Degree when necessary and advise students on matters that influence their studies. Upon successful completion of admission process to the College, each student shall be assigned an academic adviser who will closely coordinate with the student and help the student discover his/her potential and capabilities. 

Students with poor academic standing must meet their academic adviser and develop a remedial plan. There is a possibility of a student being re-assigned to a new adviser if the student drops semesters during the period of study. 

Under special circumstances, student could seek for change of academic adviser giving the reasons that warrant such a change. Usual reasons that require change of academic adviser include but are not limited to reasons such as change of specialisation, an academic adviser with different skills to have a positive effect on the academic progression of the student. Students requiring change of academic adviser shall submit the request stating reasons to the coordinator of Academic Advising, who shall process the same and examine the request and declare the outcome in a maximum period of two weeks.

The Annual Academic Advising Day is usually held during the Fall Semester. It provides a forum for both students and parents to meet the advisers and representatives of every department of the college and express their concerns, whether academic or non academic. Students are given the opportunity to give feedback on various issues concerning them.  

The Annual Parents/Guardians meeting is also organised usually on the Academic Advising Day. The session includes address by the Dean, and, presentations and updates from different departments of the College. Queries raised are clarified by respective authorities. The event is scheduled in the evening hours for the convenience of working people. Parents/guardians are provided opportunity to give their feedback and suggestions. The event dates are publicised through the print media in English and Arabic.