Academic Grades:
Academic grades in MEC range from AC 1, Assistant Lecturer to AC 6, Professor and the pay scale is divided into an upper and lower band. 

Promotion and Increments:
Promotion, increments, and other incentives in MEC are based on performance, experience, attainment of higher qualifications and, in the case of teaching faculty, research publications. 

Performance Management:
Staff performance review system intends to provide an opportunity for its staff members to evaluate self and match their aspirations with the department and College vision and mission. All employees including academic & administrative staff members are evaluated twice a year through annual performance appraisal and interim performance feedback. The purpose of the performance appraisal is to provide the employee with feedback on his/her performance for the evaluated year and to establish targets and performance expectations for the forthcoming year. 

Staff Development:
Middle East College believes in continuing education and affirms that staff must constantly endeavor to update knowledge and skills for their self-development, for the benefit of students, and for the betterment of the college and the community. Talent Management Office encourages staff members to periodically attend relevant staff development programmes such as conferences, seminars, workshops, short term training courses and present research papers.

Research Initiatives:
MEC emphasizes professional development for research to staff at various stages in their career. Workshops in research methods and sessions on the use of statistical software and other research specific topics are conducted regularly by the Centre for Academic Practices (CAP). 

MEC offers financial assistance to staff for attending conferences based on eligibility criteria. Seed Money Initiative supports staff members in their preliminary phase of research to come up with detailed research proposals. Staff members who submit finalized proposals will be supported to source external funds to pursue their research especially from The Research Council, Sultanate of Oman. Staff members across the institution can submit research proposals and seek seed funding. Plans are underway to have directed seed money assistance in order to promote domain specific research. 

PG Cert:
MEC offers Post Graduate Certificate (PG Cert) in Higher Education Professional Practice as a staff development initiative to encourage and support academic staff to deal with the issues they are likely to encounter as a member of the academic faculty in a modern higher education institution. PG Cert is a 60-credit course which would normally be completed within one calendar year. It is awarded by CSHE (Centre for the Study of Higher Education), Coventry University.

Awards for Innovative Practices:
Awards for innovative practices in MEC encourage the academic staff who identify, foster, and embed innovative practices in the teaching learning process. Two awards of RO 1000/- each are awarded each semester.

MEC employees are entitled to avail 30 to 60 days of paid annual leave after completion of one year of continued service (applicable as per employment grade). Other approved leaves in MEC include sick leave, emergency leave, special leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, pilgrimage leave, research and staff development leave. 

Medical Facilities:
The College provides access to health care coverage for all employees and eligible family members under group health insurance. Direct billing facility is provided at the approved clinics / hospitals in Oman. Reimbursement of medical expenses incurred abroad excluding USA and Canada while on official duty or on holidays is also provided.

End of Term Gratuity:
Staff is eligible for post service gratuity in the amount of fifteen days salary for each year of service for the first three years, and one month full salary for each of the following years.