Brief on Committee:

MEC Alumni Association is managed by a core-committee, hereby referred to as the Executive Committee for the MEC Alumni Association. The committee is presided by a Chair with a Vice-Chair, an Event Coordinator, a Secretary, a Treasurer and ten General Members. The Executive Committee may appoint from time to time special sub-committees from amongst its members and from among the members of the Association. All ex-students who have been part of MEC at various exit points are eligible for membership.

MAA members benefits:
• Access to the Sports Hall. (payment required from members)
• Access to the library. (a security deposit should be taken from the members when borrowing books) 
• Limited seat availability for any seminars, workshops and conferences organised by MEC for MAA members.
• First priority for placement opportunities.

Alumni Events:
An Annual General Meeting of the Association is held every year not later than 12 months after the previous Annual General Meeting to transact the following business:
• To consider the annual report and audit statement of accounts
• To elect the present and other members of the Executive Committee.

There are other events that the alumni members participate in such as:
• Organized sports events
• Events conducted in MEC e.g. Quality Audit, Specialisation Day, Career Fair, Graduation Ceremony, etc.