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The teaching and learning systems at Middle East College and all academic departments are designed to produce employable graduates who are not only knowledgeable in their own field of study, but are also forward thinking, creative, and responsible members of society.  Enhanced student experience is the guiding factor in ensuring well-equipped Middle East College graduates.

In its quest to achieve its objective, the College has developed a set of generic graduate attributes that are embedded in programme and module learning outcomes. Attainment of these outcomes would imply internalisation of these attributes.

A wide spectrum of teaching methodologies are applied, including lectures, practical work, group discussions, and research based teaching. Both teacher-led and student-centred learning are given equal consideration, with the emphasis moving from generic content and skill development at the certificate and diploma levels, to problem solving and critical thinking at the undergraduate level. In addition to subject specific skills acquired in the technology and engineering programmes, students are also given an opportunity to develop soft skills that will enhance employability. Technology resources are utilised to support learning in purpose built laboratories. Classrooms are also equipped to facilitate the use of technology in teaching. 
Additional learning support is provided by the Student Success Centre through strategies such as extra tutorials, training sessions to enhance life skills, and counselling services.

Various staff development initiatives are organised and coordinated by the Centre for Academic Practices to ensure that the quality of teaching remains at a consistently high level. There are reciprocal visits to the partner University each semester and currently, a number of staff are undertaking the Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Professional Practice delivered by Coventry University faculty. In addition, there are regular training sessions conducted by peers and external experts.

Teaching quality is also assured through the moderation process. There is internal as well as external moderation of assessments to ensure that these are in compliance with set standards, and of an appropriate level.

The medium of instruction for all programmes offered by Middle East College is English except the Archives and Records Management Programme for which the medium of instruction is Arabic.

Apart from the undergraduate programmes, the College also offers postgraduate programmes designed by Coventry University. The MBA (IT) programme has been hosted since Fall 2007, MSc (IT) from Fall 2010 and MSc in Electronic Engineering from Fall 2015

The Archives and Records Management programme is introduced in collaboration with the National Records and Archives Authority. The medium of instruction is Arabic, but academic processes do not differ from those of the undergraduate programmes.

Middle East College's aim is to harness creative abilities through innovative teaching and learning practices. This is to be achieved through enhanced student experience.


Learner Attributes

• Professional competence

               o Domain knowledge and research skills

• Ethical awareness and practice

• Leadership and teamwork skills

• Communication skills

• Digital competence

• Intercultural competence

• Community engagement

• Lifelong learning