The Foundation Programme offered by Middle East College is in complete alignment with the Oman Academic Standards for General Foundation Programmes. It is structured to enable the students to meet the outcomes prescribed in the General Foundation Programme Standards on their successful completion of the programme.
The Foundation Programme is offered to students seeking enrolment in the Information Technology (IT), Engineering and Management Programmes. It is structured on a three-semester model, each semester comprising 15 weeks. Each semester represents a Level with associated learning outcomes. Thus there are three levels namely Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.
The duration of the programme varies for each student depending on his/her proficiency in the learning areas specified by the GFP standards. Hence a student who requires more intensive support to learn English language, computing, mathematical and study skills has the advantage of three semesters to attain the required learning outcomes. On the other hand, students with relatively higher learning ability could exit at the end of each semester on achieving the outcomes specified.

Aims of the Programme and its learning outcome
The aim of the Foundation Programme (FP) is to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to perform competently in their post secondary and higher education academic programmes. On successful completion of the FP, students attain the required degree of proficiency in four learning areas, namely, English Language, Mathematics, Computing and Study Skills.
The primary objective of the English language component is to enable students to acquire skills that are needed in their postsecondary and higher education academic programmes and ensuing professional environment. On completion of the English modules, students should have acquired the receptive as well as productive skills necessary to perform competently in programmes where the medium of instruction is English.
The Computing component of the Foundation Programme introduces students to the basics of a computer and enables them to use popular computer applications to prepare and edit formal documents, work with spreadsheets, and create professional presentations.
The objective of the Mathematics component is to equip students with the mathematical understanding and skills that are necessary to achieve the cognitive and practical requirements of post secondary or higher education programmes of study.

Purpose of the Placement Test
The Placement Test is administered to all candidates seeking enrolment in the undergraduate programmes offered by Middle East College except those eligible for exemption.  Separate Placement Tests are administered for the three learning areas mentioned in the General Foundation Programme (GFP) standards i.e. English Language, Mathematics and Computing.
The test is administered during FALL and SPRING intake seasons.

Entry requirements
All candidates having a Diploma of General Education or an equivalent qualification are eligible for entry into the Middle East College Foundation Programme.

Mode of Test

Placement test is conducted in two modes, online and written.

1. Online test: Technology supported (Moodle)

  • English Language
  • Computing

2. Written test:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics