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The Placement Test is administered to all candidates seeking enrolment in the undergraduate programmes offered by Middle East College except those eligible for exemption.  Separate Placement Tests are administered for the three learning areas mentioned in the General Foundation Programme (GFP) standards i.e. English Language, Mathematics and Computing.

Placement test is administered during FALL and SPRING intake seasons.

All candidates having a Diploma of General Education or an equivalent qualification are eligible for entry into Middle East College Foundation Programme.
Placement test is conducted in two modes, Online test and written test.
  1. Online test: Technology supported (Moodle)
    • English Language:
      - Listening and Reading
      - Research and Study Skills
  2. Computing: - Microsoft Office and IT
  3. Written test:
    - English Language
    - Mathematics.
Online language test is for an hour which constitutes listening, reading, research and study skills components and is evaluated for 50 marks.

Written test (language) comprises writing an essay on a given topic, answering questions about graphically represented data and is evaluated for 30 marks.

Oral test (language): for 20 marks. 

Introduction to IT comprises understanding basic computer operations and file management, understanding the functional components of a computer system.

Introduction to IT test: 100 marks. 

Computer Applications comprises understanding of fundamental concepts of Operating Systems and working knowledge of MS Office applications.

Computer Applications test: 100 marks. 

Mathematics test  includes Set of real numbers, all its subsets and their relationships, Exponent laws and their application, Equations and inequalities, translation of  worded problems into mathematical expression, Polynomials of degree two, trigonometry of Right Angled Triangles, Algebra of Functions and Compositions, Basic Concepts of Statistics and Probability, Unit circle and Basic Trigonometric Function.

Mathematics test: 100 marks
The Placement Test is scheduled on four days a week (Sunday to Wednesday) in fixed time slots. During regular classes, placement test is scheduled twice a week (Mondays and Tuesdays).

Duration of the test is four hours: two hours for English Language; an hour each for Mathematics and Computing. Normally, Placement Test for all areas is expected to be completed on the same day.
Placement test timing: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Online test: 8:00 to 11:00 AM

Written test: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM and 1:00 to 3:00 PM (Fixed slots)

Test Location

General Lab(Learning Resource Block), CALL Lab 111- (Main building) and Maths Referral Centre (Learning Resource Block) 

Eligibility Band:


0-25: Level 1 | 26-40: Level 2 | 41-59: Level 3 | 60 & Above: Semester

An 'IELTS score of 5.5 or a TOEFL equivalent' will get an exemption from 'English' component


0-25: Level 1 | 26-40: Level 2 | 41-59: Level 3 | 60 & Above: Semester

Introduction to IT

0-59: Level 2 | 60 & Above: Semester | An 'ICDL pass' will get an exemption from 'Introduction to IT' component

Computer Applications

0-59: Level 3 | 60 & Above: Semester | An 'ICDL pass' will get an exemption from 'Computer Applications' component

Note: English score of '60 or Above' is a prerequisite for taking any modules from Semester

Note: Both Introduction to IT and  Computer Applications score should be '60 or Above' for taking any Computing modules from Semester

A candidate could qualify for different levels in English Language, Mathematics and Computing depending on his/her level of proficiency. This would mean that students may enrol in different combinations of subjects at varying levels. For instance, a candidate could be placed in English 2, Foundation Mathematics 3 and Introduction to IT. All courses in English, Mathematics and Computing are available each semester.
Take the placement test seriously. Your Placement Test results will determine into which modules you are eligible to enroll. There isn’t any retesting. Do your best.

Study and review the subjects you are testing. Study and review may help improve your placement results, subjects for which you may not have recently practiced.

Familiarize yourself with the type of test questions that are found on the tests. Knowing the format of the test questions can help you relax and concentrate during the test.

During the tests, work carefully. All the tests are timed. The English and computing tests are computerized Read and re-read the questions carefully, and check each answer before submitting it. Be aware of the time limit. This will result in the highest possible course placement.