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A wide spectrum of teaching methodologies are applied, including lectures, practical work, group discussions, and research based teaching. Both teacher-led and student-centred learning are given equal consideration, with the emphasis moving from generic content and skill development at the certificate and diploma levels, to problem solving and critical thinking at the undergraduate level. In addition to subject specific skills acquired in the technology and engineering programmes, students are also given an opportunity to develop soft skills that will enhance employability.
Technology resources including purpose-built laboratories are utilised to support learning. Classrooms are also equipped to facilitate the use of technology in teaching. Additional learning support is provided by the Student Success Centre through strategies such as extra tutorials, training sessions to enhance life skills, and counselling services.
Well- equipped computer labs with the latest software and hardware, and other labs for Electronics and design programmes provide a technology enhanced learning experience. A well-equipped library, with automated transaction facilities, common study areas with newspapers, magazines and other popular reading material, and private work space for reading and reference enhance the learning experience for students.
Students are encouraged to engage in research and reading to develop their understanding of their chosen subject.
Middle East College also provides audio-visual and other computer assisted resources including free MEC Wifi access on campus to enhance student learning.