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Middle East College prepares and encourages students to become thinkers with an international prospective. For that reason MEC has established links with various academic institutions around the world to enable its students to participate in different cultural exchange programs. Those programs will help in exposing them to go through different life experiences and will give them the chance to learn about new cultures. Those opportunities will enhance their personal skills and will help them in seeing things in a different manner. The students will get the chance to take part in different programs in the following countries: South Korea, United Kingdom, India, and Italy. Those programs are offered to outstanding students or it may be given to any student who wishes to travel on their personal account.

Exchange partners / Participating Institutions
Hanyang University,
Coventry University
IED – Italy 
Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation (AIGA)

Exchanges Programmes for the current academic year
MEC Winter School 2015
Coventry University Oman Field Trip 2015
Hanyang University Summer School Program 2015
Coventry University Summer School Program 2015
AIGA Digital Design Course 2015
IED Designing Course 2015