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Life at Middle East College

Providing a unique, rich, and rewarding experience to students is always on top of our agenda. Every student-centric activity is focused on student experience. The infrastructure developed at Middle East College aims to provide the very best in student experience. The student lounge and common halls provide a comfortable meeting zone for students from different sessions and programmes to discuss culture, sport and other common interests.

An enormous range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities are available for students and staff members. Being actively engaged in the campus is the best and fastest way to be part of the college community.

Under the guidance of academic staff, students are actively involved in Computing Club, Electronics Club, Design Club, Photography Club, Math Club, .Net Club, Business Society, Dramatics society, and the English Speaking society. These forums provide opportunities for students to closely interact with each other and work in teams with a purpose. Various activities are held every semester by these forums in which experts from outside also participate.

Academic staff formally and informally engage with students in a variety of ways. ‘Day out with the Dean’ provides opportunities for students to discuss various academic and other issues with the Dean and senior academic staff.

MEC has introduced the concept of “HOUSES” from 2013-14 academic year. There are eight houses, Almas, Aqeeq, Fairoz, Lulu, Kahraman, Marjan, Yaqoot and Zumrud, all named after gem stones. The aim is to bring students and staff socially together to work and compete alongside in sports, photography, dramatics, arts and literary activities. 
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Student Council at MEC
The Student Council at the college forms the hub for student activities. The Student Council is a student body within the college to promote student involvement as an integral part of education at the college. The goals of the Student Council include supporting students to establish student clubs, providing services, information, and education and encouraging students to actively participate in college life to nurture the holistic development of the student.

Every year, the college conducts a student council election to decide on the president and vice president for the council. To be nominated as a potential candidate, a pupil must be enrolled as a full-time student in good standing and must be currently enrolled in the third semester or higher.

All the students who are currently enrolled during the semester in which the elections are held are eligible to vote. Nominees are  allowed to run an election campaign process inside the college campus for a certain period of time as per the guidelines.

Sports activities at MEC

Middle East College encourages its students to actively participate in sports activities. The indoor multi-sports area provides facilities for staff and students to organise and play indoor games such as football, volley ball, tennis and badminton. The prior booking option facilitates separate timings for men and women.. The Sports Hall is also used by external groups for conducting sports and games.


Middle East College conducts its internal football event called ‘Dean’s Cup’ every year. This event is scheduled in October every year. The College has appointed a C Grade certified coach as the head coach for training the teams. Eight teams, consisting of 18 members each, compete in six matches. Upon completion of this event, 30 best players are selected to be a part of the College Football Team.

Cultural activities at MEC

Middle East College facilitates the formation of several student clubs and provides these clubs the required support for holding a wide variety of cultural events throughout the academic year that greatly enrich the student experience and enhances fellowship between students, teachers, well wishers and participants from the society. These activities are designed to integrate the academic and social aspects of life on campus and reflect the institution's commitment to the furtherance of the all-round development of the student.


Middle East College aims to bridge the gap between the academia and industry through the Open Day. This is a competitive multi – cultural platform where students get to compete with each other in competitions that reflect the demands of industry.

The Open Day aims to help students understand the right attitude and skill sets required by industry and at the same time provides an opportunity to students to analyze their own capabilities in the light of work place requirements. Through such an event, the college also reinforces the value of well- rounded education.
Apart from competitions in the field of Computing, Business and Telecommunication, competitions are also held in the areas of Art, Design, Culture and Music. 
The Open Day is an event organized by the students of Middle East College with the members of the Student Council and the various student clubs taking a lead role in coordinating efforts.