Summer School 2012

The Events and student activities unit is delighted to announce the Housing System method that will bring the Middle East College community social and academic environment closer together.

• Eight Teams are created and named after precious gemstones.

• All students will be a part of one of these teams.

• Each team has a name and color associated to it.

• Inter House competitions- Events will be announced during the academic year and students are encouraged to participate and contribute to their respective Houses.

1. Every MEC student and academic staff will be enrolled to this system.
2. The housing system will provide a platform for the community to showcase their talents, work together as teams and thereby contribute to the respective houses.
3. Houses will help students to contribute and compete with one another thereby creating an active and vibrant campus.
4. Students and academic staff will be selected randomly through the CIS System.

We kindly request you to collaborate with the new Housing Method in order to develop our social and academic environment.

Please contact the Student Experience Unit through the email:
You may also visit us at Room No 104, Teaching and Learning Block I