About the Conference


The adoption of the Sultanate of Oman of a contemporary and national system in records management and archives comes as a cultivation of the political will that encourages promoting this field. The Sultanate’s political administration has supplied all financial, technical, human and logistic sources for this field. The Royal Decree No. 60/2007 related to the issuance of the Records and Archives Law formed the real starting point in establishing this system. According to the said law, the National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA) was established.  Polices, plans and programs were put in place in order to build the system in the concerned authorities that are subjected to the law. Moreover, the law aims at enhancing the concept of good management through setting the implementation guidelines and procedural mechanisms.

Depending on its experience in organizing cultural exhibitions and events that are specialised in the field of records and archives, NRAA is coordinating today with Middle East College, which has a deeply rooted experience in organising academic conferences, in order to organize The International Conference on Records and Archives: The Archives is a pillar of National Sovereignty.



Title of the Conference
The Archive is a pillar for National Sovereignty